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As a mother myself, I am hardly ever in photographs. I know how lovely it is when someone offers to take a photo of all of my family together.  I know how important it is to have those images to look back on because children grow so quickly. 


<--- My first camera!

My Story

Hi! My name is Amy Trucks. I was born and raised in a very small town called Manistee, Michigan in the United States. I currently live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband and three rambunctious children. I credit my creativity and love of arts with the wonderful supportive community and teachers that I had growing up in my small town.


I discovered my love for photography while living in New York City. I started with a simple phone camera taking photos of people on the streets and sharing on Instagram. From those images, I was incredibly lucky to be asked to photograph fashion shows, concerts, sports and other events. I found that I loved photography so much that I invested in camera gear and started educating myself on the art of photography. Photography is not a skill that can be perfected overnight. I find that I am always learning, adapting and changing, which is why it interests me so much and keeps me forever on my toes. 


While living in New York City, I met a charming Irishman whom I now call my husband. I made the move to Dublin Ireland in 2015. I took a short hiatus from professional photography to have children but in 2020 I decided to leap back in with both feet. 


I adore getting to know new people while photographing them and I find that relationships that are built in the space of only an hour or two can be lifelong and memorable. 

My photos have been featured online at,,, and in print in Life Sunday Independent, The Irish Times and SOHO Fashion Magazine. I am an award-winning photographer through the Irish Professional Photographers and Videographers Association in multiple categories.

Photo credit: Aoife O'Connor Photography

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