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  • Amy Trucks

5 Reasons Dublin City Hall is a Spectacular Wedding Venue

As a wedding photographer, I love when a couple tells me that they have booked Dublin City Hall as their wedding venue. If you are planning a Dublin wedding, here are some of the reasons you should consider this as your wedding venue.

1. Location, Location, Location

Located on Dame Street right within Dublin City centre, there are loads of fabulous reception venues within walking distance such as Fallon & Byrne, Medley, and The Shelbourne Hotel to name a few. You can rent Dublin City Hall for 3 hours, which includes a drinks and canapé reception hour after your ceremony if you desire. Following that, you could take a walk with your photographer through the city centre for some lovely candid shots on the way to your reception venue. Dublin Castle is super near, which is a great place for a few photographs as well.

2. Gorgeous in Photos

Tall ceilings, loads of marble, and an abundance of light make this a stunning location to photograph. The huge windows cast beautiful and interesting light and shadows across the floors. Some hotel venues hold weddings in rooms that double as conference rooms with low ceilings and limited natural light. This is not one of those places! When you walk into the central area where ceremonies are held, your eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful ornate gold-leafed dome above your head and the marble columns and statues that surround the area. The wedding party's entrance is especially stunning as they are backlit as they walk through grand double doors. There is also a stunning staircase that can be used for photographs.

3. Price

The price for Dublin City Hall is currently €1250, which is pretty reasonable for such a grand, impressive space. You could spend an arm and a leg for a venue that is not as spectacular.

4. Historical interest:

Dublin City Hall has a rich history, as it was built between 1769-1779. Originally built as the Royal Exchange and later being the location of the first Dublin casualty in the 1916 Uprising, this is a building with a history that will charm history buffs. A wedding here will provide images that stand the test of time versus a trendy, modern hotel venue.

5. Impress Your Guests

Your guests will be well impressed with the architecture, the beauty and grandeur. The ornate and soaring ceiling is breathtaking when first arriving to the space as well as the columns that surround the ceremony space. The grand staircase outside the building is fantastic for photographs. Everything about this space is stunning and will make a picture perfect occasion.

For a look at a full wedding gallery from a Dublin City Hall Wedding, watch this video:

For more of my wedding photography portfolio, click here.

Written by Amy Trucks. Amy is a Wedding and Family Photographer specializing in emotive documentary photography. She’s available for sessions and adventures around Dublin and greater Ireland.

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